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All 5G Supported Galaxy Smartphones (Updated)

5g phones

This tutorial will list out all 5G supported Galaxy Smartphones.

Over the years the wireless network connectivity has evolved a lot. It started with analog and now it is in the 5G era. Even though there is no noticeable change in the voice, the data handling speed of these networks has improved beyond imagination. The first mobile phone network which was using the analog technology has 2.4 Kbps data speed, when it was upgraded to the 2G network the speed has increased to 0.1Mbps. Now with 5G, the speed is increased to a whooping 20,480 Mbps.

However do you know all the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones with 5G connectivity so that you can select the best one. Do not worry as I have made a complete list of Galaxy Smartphones with 5G connectivity.

This list will be updated frequently.

However before going to the list let me give a brief idea on;

Difference between 4G & 5G Galaxy Smartphones

What are the pros of a 5G network?

As already said it’s all about the data speed. While a 4G network has only 3 to 5 Mbps max speeds, the 5G network can give you speeds up to a jaw dropping 20,480 Mbps. Yes you heard it right, a Galaxy Smartphone with 5G connectivity can have data speeds up to 20,480 Mbps.

If there are pros there are cons also.

What are the cons of a 5G network?

Even though a 5G network has amazing data speed it has it’s drawbacks. Main drawback is the coverage. When compared to the previous networks a 5G network can give you maximum speed by compromising the speed. A 5G network is divided into 3 bands Low band, Mid band & High band.

With low band you will get 100 of sq kilometers coverage but at a speed of 30 to 250Mbps. However a high band can provide you 1-3Gbps speeds but at a maximum range of 1.6 sq km radious.

So with 5G, if you want more speed the coverage will be limted to bare minimum.

Now lets proceed to the 5G enabled Galaxy Smartphone list.

All 5G enabled Galaxy Smartphones

Galaxy S Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Galaxy S series is the most popular and the premium one among all series. No wonder there is 5G support.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy S10 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S20 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S20 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S21 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GYes

Galaxy Note Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Galaxy Note series is the second best one in Samsung Android Smartphone lineup. It is almost popular to the “S” series which includes tablets, smartphones and phablets. There are few devices which has 5G connectivity as of now.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy Note10 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy Note20 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5GYes

Galaxy M Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy M Series is a budget phone from the Koreans. Even though it is in the budget sector it has 5G enabled phones.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy M42 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy M32 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy M52 5GYes

Galaxy Fold Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Series as the name indicates is a foldable phone with amazing features. This is the first ever foldable phone from Samsung with dual display.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy Fold 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5GYes

Galaxy A Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

If you ask me which is the best Samsung Galaxy Smartphone series, when considering the price and performance I will say it’s the “A” series. They are cheaper and very good in performance without any “hanging” and “freezing” problems.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy A90 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A51 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A71 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UWYes
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UWYes
Samsung Galaxy A42 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A32 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A52 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A22 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5GYes

Galaxy Tab Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Tab series is the oldest when it comes to tablets. It consists of both expensive and economic models that suits everyone needs. The list is quite long as it is as old as the “S” series.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5GYes

Galaxy Flip Series Tablet 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy Flip series is a foldable Smartphone.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5GYes

Galaxy F Series 5G Enabled Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy F series is the latest from Samsung with a ton load of specs. The first smartphone of the series is F41.

Model5G Connectivity
Samsung Galaxy F52 5GYes
Samsung Galaxy F42 5GYes

This is the complete list of Galaxy Smartphones with 5G support.

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