How To Unroot Your Galaxy Android Smartphone Or Tablet? (6 Methods)

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There are times when it is as critical as rooting it is to unroot your Galaxy Android Smartphone. Everyone likes to unroot their phone with the most easy method, for example without the help of a computer & without losing their precious data on the phone. Frankly speaking there are easy methods and difficult ones are there. The ones which uses terminal emulator, which as it sounds is little bit techy for some.

But why do we need to unroot? If you ask for example, let me say to receive an important Android firmware update.

As you all know rooting will disable your ability to get OTA updates, however you can still manually update your Galaxy phone using Odin though.

However if you are still confused about unrooting your Galaxy Smartphone you may continue reading and find the pros and cons given below which will help you to take a proper decision.


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Pros & Cons Of Rooting Galaxy Android Smartphone


1. Obviously you will have super user privileges.

2. Can Over Clock or Under Clock CPU

3. You will be the king of your Galaxy Smartphone.

4. Will be able to use apps like AdAway, Quick Reboot, Solid Explorer, Franco Kernel Manager, Servicely, DiskDigger Photo Recovery, Adblock Plus, Titanium Backup etc.

5. Can edit the system files.


1. Will not get OTA updates.

2. Warranty maybe void.

3. Will not be able to use most payement/banking apps including Google Pay.

4. System may become unstable if you don't know what you are doing.

5. Will become more vulnerable to malwares and hacks.

I hope that now you have decided whether to root on unroot your Galaxy Smartphone finally.

So now lets proceed to the various methods to unroot your Galaxy.

Methods To Unroot Your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone Or Tablet

We have six different methods are there which will help you to unroot your Galaxy Smatphone.

  1. By Installing stock firmware
  2. Using A File manager
  3. Using SuperSU
  4. By Uninstalling Magisk app
  5. Using original boot image
  6. By using Kingo app

1. Install Stock ROM

This is the most conventional and the easiest method to unroot your Galaxy phone. However I am not explaining the steps in detail here because I assume that those who know how to root a phone also knows how to install a stock firmware using Odin without any help.

Only thing you need to remember is that always select the firmware with the same or higher binary. Also you need to select all the buttons on Odin like "BL", "AP", "CP" & "CSC". Skip the button "USERDATA" though.

2. Using A File Manager

Do you know that you can unroot your phone by deleting a bunch of files and folders on your phone? Fortunately we can. This is the most easiest method to unroot your Galaxy Smartphone. This method may not work on all roots though.

What you need here is a file manager with root access.

Open the file manager and tap on "System"-> "bin" folders and delete busybox and su. However if busybox and su are not there, go back to "System" folder and goto "xbin" folder and delete the busybox and su folders there. Now again go back to the system folder and delete "superuser.apk" file there. Once all done please restart your Galaxy Smartphone to unroot it.

3. Using SuperSU

If you have rooted your Galaxy Smartphone with SuperSu then this method is for you and it works just like that. What you need to do is open the SuperSu app and go to "Settings" and select "Full Unroot" to unroot your device. Donot forget to reboot your phone though.

4. By Uninstalling Magisk app

If you have rooted your Galaxy Smartphone using the Magisk app then you have good news. You have come to the easiest unroot method which works just like uninstalling any app on your phone.

You just need to open the Magisk Manager app and select "Uninstall Magisk" button in the app and by select "Complete uninstall". Your phone will reboot and the root will be uninstalled.

5. Using original boot image

This method can be used if you have the backup of your original "boot.img" file or have the same stock firmware which is currently installed on your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone.

You may use odin to flash the "boot.img" file.

6. By using Kingo app

You are the luckiest one if you have rooted your Galaxy phone using the Kingo rooting app. It is as easy to unroot like it is rooting with the Kingo app. To unroot you just need to connect your device to your PC and select "Remove Root" in the Kingo app.

If you are facing any problem or incompatibility issues, please feel free to drop a comment below. I will reply ASAP. Thanks!

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