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How To Download Android 14 GSI (Generic System Image) For Galaxy Smartphones?

The Android 14 GSI is now available for download for compatible Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphones. Even though Android 14 GSI’s are for Pixel devices this can be used for non Pixel Galaxy Android devices which support Project Treble.

Note: Please make sure that your Galaxy phone is compatible with Android 14 GSI before proceeding any further.

However if you don’t know what is GSI or Generic System Image please continue reading.

What is GSI (Generic System Image)?

A GSI, Generic System Image is a system image that has been configured for Galaxy Android devices which are compatible with Project Treble support. This enables other devices which are not Google’s pixel can enjoy the latest firmware.

However do not think that this one is free from bugs. As this is a generic image there are many things which device specific that may not work once the Android 14 GSI is installed , they are System partition size, Power Cycle and Phone Audio.

Even after all these short comings there will be some excitement using the latest firmware on your device, if have the same you can download Android 14 GSI, Generic System Image from the below download links.

Some known bugs of Android 14 GSI

Nothing is perfect in this world so as Android 14 GSI .

1. When using the integrated dialer, you might not hear any audio on the phone.
2. Rebooting may fail on some phones. To resolve it, enter into recovery mode, erase user data, perform a factory reset, and  restart the device.
3. System partition size might be bigger than the default dynamic system partition size on your device. To resolve it, delete some non-essential dynamic partitions, such as the product partition, and flash the GSI again.

Android 14 GSI Download Links


All of the links above are the official ones from Google, however if any given download links are not working, please don’t hesitate, feel free to contact us, don’t worry we will have a look into it asap.

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