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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 For ATT (SM-G920A) And Verizon?

Today I am going to give you a treat, but only if you are a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 for ATT (SM-G920A) or Verizon Wireless (SM-G920V). Yes guys, I am going to guide you through a simple but effective tutorial to root your Samsung Galaxy S6 for ATT SM-G920A or Verizon Wireless SM-G920V without even the need of your personal computer. All you need is a Galaxy S6 android smartphone from the before said carriers.

If you are wondering how we are going to achieve this even without the need of a PC, it’s with the help of PingPong app.

But, please note that rooting will void your warranty, however you can always reinstate it by unrooting/installing it with stock ROM. SamsungSFour.Com will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of executing the below given steps.

Before proceeding with the procedure given here please make sure that you have made a complete backup of your phone memory including contacts, photos etc. Also the phone battery should be charged to a min of 80%.

Supported Galaxy S6 Models: (Check your build number from “Settings”->”About Device”)

  • G9200ZCU1AOD5
  • G9200ZHU1AOD3
  • G9200ZHU1AOD9
  • G920R4TYU1AOD3
  • G920IDVU1AOD1
  • G920VVRU1AOC3
  • G920W8VLU1AOCG
  • G920FXXU1AOD4
  • G920R4TYU1AOCB
  • G920IDVU1AOC4
  • G9209KEU1AOD5
  • G9208ZTU1AOD9
  • G920FXXU1AOE3
  • G920IDVU1AOE3
  • G920FXXU1AOD8
  • G920FXXU1AOE4
  • G920AUCU1AOE2
  • G920T1UVU1AOCH
  • G9208ZTU1AOCI
  • G920IDVU1AOC6
  • G920IDVU1AOD3
  • G9209KEU1AOCI
  • G9209KEU1AODA
  • G9208ZMU1AOD5
  • G9208ZMU1AOCI
  • G920FXXU1AOD9
  • G9200ZCU1AOD9

Steps To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 for ATT (SM-G920A) or Verizon Wireless (SM-G920V)

1. First you need to go to “Settings” and need to give a check mark to “Unknown sources”. Navigation: “Settings”->”Lock screen and security”->“Unknown sources”.

2. Now please open this link on your Galaxy S6 and Install the app.

3. Once installed please open it. If you are getting “Open With” popup, then please select “Package installer”there.

4. Now click “Install” to install the “SuperSU app“. Once installed please open and click “OK” to the popup message to install the binaries.

5. Once the binaries are installed click “Get root!” in the Ping Pong app. If you are getting any error message, please don’t worry, just tap on “Download Data” and then tap the “Get root!” button again and wait for the rooting process to get finished.

4. If the rooting process was successful then you will get a “Root done” popup message on your Galaxy S6 for AT&T (SM-G920A) or Verizon Wireless (SM-G920V) from the Ping Pong app.

5. Now as a final step reboot your Galaxy S6 and once restarted your device will be rooted with superuser privileges. You can check the root status by using any root checker app from the Google Play Store.

If you have faced any issues while rooting your Samsung Galaxy S6 for ATT (SM-G920A) or Verizon Wireless (SM-G920V), please feel free to post it in the comment section below, don’t worry I will help you as fast I can.

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