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All Galaxy Smartphones AnTuTu Benchmark Score (Best To Worst)

Hi friends, this article will help you in detail about AnTuTu Benchmark Score and also, all Samsung Galaxy Smartphones AnTuTu Benchmark Score from best to worst.

What is An Tu Tu benchmarking app?

AnTuTu Benchmark is a tool for Android Smartphones which allows you to check the performance of your Smatphone, owned by the Chinese company Cheetah Mobile. This tool helps you to determine the best suited mobile phone for high performance graphics which is required for top tier games.

How An Tu Tu benchmarking functions?

In brief it tests all parts of your device and assigns an overall score based on the individual performance. AnTuTu benchmarking gives your Galaxy Smartphone an overall score as well as individual scores for each test.

This score is useful for comparing different devices based on it’s performance. For eg: if your phone’s score is 2000, a device with a score of 4000 is arbitrarily twice as fast than yours. Individual test scores can be used to, for example, to compare how fast a phone’s GPU performs compared to another phone’s GPU.

Now Google has removed this app so you won’t get this app on Google Play Store

Model NameCPUGPUMEMUXTotal Score
Galaxy S23 Ultra (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)266534547277258839182791 1255441
Galaxy S23+ (8GB RAM/512GB Storage)264521535794246332176371223018
Galaxy S23 (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)259212527887236045175818119896
Galaxy Z Fold4 5G (12GB RAM/256GB Storage)2385044377001640681669201007192
Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (12GB RAM/512 Storage)205976373197163704156617899493
Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (12GB RAM/256GB Storage)213630359420160908143874877832
Galaxy S22+ 5G (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)205466368964149032148152871613
Galaxy S22 5G (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)207375353283150033137420848109
Galaxy S22 5G (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)203762310765150636149563814726
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (12GB RAM/256GB Storage)202891282045135333157297777566
Galaxy S21 FE 5G (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)195866268059121833143557729314
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (12GB RAM/128GB Storage)179209264115117745131174692242
Galaxy S20+ 5G (12GB RAM/256GB Storage)181388220958119852142656664852
Galaxy S20 FE 4G (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)183928219502115744141556660730
Galaxy S20 FE 5G (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)185955221413110330139234656932
Galaxy S21 5G (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)166514250700117270108174642658
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (12GB RAM/128GB Storage)162621228668112402116653620341
Galaxy Note20 Ultra LTE (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)156914220262116058111963605197
Galaxy S20+ (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)159360219791109627115067603845
Galaxy S20 4G (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)150377219321111745110070591513
Galaxy Note10+ (12GB RAM/256GB Storage)13492519300811624799412543592
Galaxy A73 5G (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)15482815633588855121818521836
Galaxy A52s 5G (8GB RAM/256GB Storage)15388615633184133119089513438
Galaxy M52 5G (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)15125715378177844119816502698
Galaxy S10+ (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)12706617704283881110640498629
Galaxy S10 (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)12236817844684347108235493396
Galaxy S10e (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)12457417287882655107108487215
Galaxy A53 5G (8GB RAM/128GB Storage)11644212320274080107371421093
Galaxy A33 5G (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)11960311437172936108054414962
Galaxy S9+ (6GB RAM/64GB Storage)1110551233885931579440373198
Galaxy M23 (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)103934899476954893421356850
Galaxy A71 (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)101660898715459089860335981
Galaxy A51 (6GB RAM/128GB Storage)54691630704764668259233666

I think there is no need for explanation and the table clearly shows which one is the best and which one is the worst Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone when it comes to AnTuTu Benchmark Score.

Here we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with the 8GB RAM/256GB storage variant is clearly the winner with an overall score of “1255441” . On the other hand the Galaxy A51 with the 6GB RAM/128GB storage variant is the loser here with barely “233666” points.

Please note that there are Samsung Galaxy Smartphones which are not considered here. This score is purely based on the devices which are undergone the AnTuTu Benchmark test and not the best and the worst one in all Samsung released Galaxy devices.

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