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Download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 GCam Port (Google Camera)

Hi friends, this tutorial will help you to download and install the GCam Port / Google Camera apk / app on your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 SM-F731B, SM-F731B/DS, SM-F731U, SM-F731U1, SM-F731W and SM-F731N. This Google Camera app will make sure that your Galaxy Z Flip5 stand out in the crowd when it comes to photography.

Please note that this tutorial is only for the Galaxy Z Flip5 Smartphone, however if you are looking for a general tutorial please have a look at it below.

Just before the real tutorial lets have a discussion on;

A preface to Galaxy Z Flip5 Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 released on August 11, 2023 flip phone with multiple displays. It has a Foldable Dynamic AMOLED main display having 6.7 inches size and 3.4 inches Cover display. The main thing about this phone is it’s foldability ability. It can be fit in any pocket. Compared to the older flip versions it has no space between the folded screens.

When it comes to  storage and RAM we have three options to choose; 256GB 8GB RAM and 512GB 8GB RAM

Colour variants

  • Mint, Graphite, Cream, Lavender, Gray, Blue, Green, Yellow


What is GCam Port or Google Camera apk / app?

The GCam apk  or Google Camera apk is the best Camera app available on the market now. But the saddest part is that it is officially available for mostly Google Pixel devices from Play Store. But don’t get disappointed as the main objective of this article is to install it on the Galaxy Z Flip5.

GCam or simply the Google Camera app, enables you to experience the advanced features of photography such as HDR+, Motion, Night Mode, Panorama, Photosphere, etc as you have never experienced before. In simple words GCam allows you to take better photos than the original stock camera app on your phone.

The GCam has inbuilt AI which takes photo at the best moment (for eg: the happy moment) without user intervention, isn’t it great. It also optimizes the image to make it the best looking one.

Download links for GCam Port / Google Camera apk for Galaxy Z Flip5

In most cases the stock GCam apk or the Google Camera apk will not be compatible with your Galaxy Z Flip5. Here comes the modded versions of the same that can be downloaded from the below given links. Thanks to the modded version.

How to confirm your Galaxy Z Flip5 is compatible with GCam Port / Google Camera?

Before downloading and installing the GCam / Google Camera apk/app on your Galaxy Z Flip5 you need to check it’s compatibility. For that you may need to download and install the Manual Camera Compatibility checker app from Google Play Store here.

Once installed please open the app and click the start button to check your Galaxy Z Flip5 GCam / Google Camera compatibility.

If you are getting green check marks on all the criteria like given above you are good to go, all the GCam / Google Camera features will work on it. If any of the above check marks are red then your phone is only partially compatible with GCam or Google Camera app. Some features may work and some may not.

How to install GCam Port/ Google Camera APK on Galaxy Z Flip5?

This is the same as you install any other APK file on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Find the downloaded GCam / Google Camera APK using the file manager and tap on it to open. Now you will get the option to install the app. If you are getting any warning please enable the “Install unknown apps” option. Complete the installation and enjoy the app.

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