Downloads To Install Stock Firmware On Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphones (All Models)

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How to download the firmware files?

Once you click the above download links it will be redirected to a 3rd party webiste called "". There you have two options, either to download free which will be slow and premium which is a paid download but will be super fast. Select the appropriate ones which suites you. In either cases you need to create an account in the 3rd party website to download.

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I bought S8 Plus , Model SM-G955U At&t branded, in 2017. It has Android 7.0 in it and it does not get updates at all. When I click "check software " it says " software is up-to date" . I want to firmgrade the phone up to Android 9.0 What is the best stock firmware for my phone to upgrade to Android 9.0 ? Thank you
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My S8+ had the same problem, I installed android 9 manually and it has destroyed my battery life. I will recommend you not to worry about android 7 it is best for your phone
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