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Netflix Is Still Free For T-Mobile US, But? (2024)

As you all already know, the Netflix is free for T-Mobile US. But what is the update in the year 2024.

Is Netflix still free for T-Mobile users in 2024?

The good news is that Netflix is still free for T-Mobile users in the US in 2024 but with a catch. The thing is that the Netflix got rid of its “Basic” plan without ads and replaced it with the “Standard” plan with ads.

However, there is no hard rule that you need to stick on to the “Standard” plan with ads but you can upgrade to “Premium” Netflix plan and still you will get a discount of $6.99 on the upgr.

How To Activate your Free Netflix subscription on Your T-Mobile US?

1. First you need to log in to your My T-Mobile US account on the web or T-Mobile app to redeem the Free Netflix subscription plan.

2. Then you need to navigate to Account->Add-Ons next to the Primary “Account Holder” line.

3. Now navigate to Manage Data & Add-ons->Services to select your desired Netflix add-on. Please follow the prompts to link an existing Netflix account, or to create a new one and link it to your T-Mobile account.

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