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Samsung Galaxy S5 release date | Leaked Specs


As per the new confirmed (at least for now) reports the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to feature a mighty 16MP camera, 5.2-inch 1080p display, plastic body (no metal body (atleast for year 2014)), 32 bit processor and a finger print scanner.

It's actually a mixed imotion coming from this new update, but very sad when it comes to release date which is moved to March or April 2014.

As usual Samsung is planning to release it's new Android Flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5 during this summer. We all know that when it's released, it will be the most powerful Android Smartphone available in the market.

But what we are really missing is the specs and the features of this beast. Don't worry we have came across some genuine looking specs of that green robot inside device.

To start with, for those who are very skeptic about this korean company, like "Galaxy S" series body, we have a very good news. This beast comes in two variants this time, one with poly carbonate body and the other with "all metal body" at the expense of few dollars.
Possibility of 64 bit processor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or Samsung's own eight-core Exynos 6 CPU. It is said that the metal edition will feature Exynos while the plastic variant will have to satisfy with the Qualcomm Snapdragon.
According to the leaked sources Galaxy S5 will incorporate a 13MP high tech camera with anti-shaking feature up to 1.5 degrees were as 0.7 degrees is the maximum for all other manufacturers.

If our ears are right then this mighty beast will be holding a 2560×1440 pixel screen, that is 2K HD screen with 5.25 inches size.

Finally what everybody was eagerly waiting for, the release date of Galaxy S5!

Please don't worry I am coming to it, according to the leaked sources it is rumored that this "Titan" of Android phone will be released on February 25, 2014,  one day before Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona.

So keep your heart beating inside your chest for at least one and half month so that you can witness the history of smartphones.

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